Standing, staring, gazing, gasping, grasping: music was flowing. Music was reigning down upon the people, packed together, breathing, sweating. Lights flashed. Eyes were opened, closed, and quickly adjusted to squinting, just to take full effect of the  vibrant colours spread across the room. Combining every inch of dirth bound floor, every freshly made drop of sweat, every note played from the rows of by cheap labor made speakers, there was ecstasy, pure ecstasy, there were revelations.

Revelations. Revelations after revelations, rendering the previous revelations surpassed, behind, and outdone. And with revelations following each other up, one by one, only those lived the most will stand out to the mind they originated from, only those will be lived by, only those will shape the day. With moist, salty, drop like crystals coming from an eye, shaky, uncontrolled movement from a pink, or even just the motion of quickly standing still, they are born, born to be an interlude to the otherwise forgotten ogle at life.


“The only sacrifice needed for peace should be the one of global unconsciousness.” – Musilitar.

What better premise could there be for writing than re-finding your own previous written nonsense. I once made a text document on my computer named ‘My oneliners’, and well: this is the result. It is a for sleep calling, wanting to be grand, and preposterous sentence, longing for some revision, but it has some value.  While it may not have much value, let alone to anyone else besides me, it is a long forgotten idea now eagerly sprouting new ideas in the very own brain it originally came from. Ideas more thought out, evolved in some way of humanly speaking, and thus, theoretically, making the ideas more interesting, or at least less humming along with the left behind crowd.
Even this very text will once just be a forgotten idea, or at least a forgotten thought. In the spirit of spring, summer, the rebirth of the earth and all things lurking upon it, it is now a good time to re-open our eyes to the beauty surrounding us, to the mighty, live-giving trees, to the small and always working ants, and even to the humans, killing each other and their surroundings, but at the same time recreating and creating newfound beauty with every thought they spark. And so it is that I would like to have said: ‘Let us…’. And so it is that I did not. And so it is that I did not, because I am not preaching perfect truths, thoughts, or morals, I am simply writing down the words hidden in my body, hoping to scrape off some of those hidden in you too.
The sun is shining bright today. The sun is shining. The sun is shining, even when it rains, or even when it’s clouded.

The sun is always shining, even when you might forget.

Spring was recently released upon our happy heads, but that’s beside the point for now. What matters today is that a new agenda is born, and not just any agenda, oh no! This agenda is as ‘green’, weird, dysfunctional, irritating, big, ugly, and unethical as an agenda can be.
The key word, however, is ‘green’. We all love green, or well, at least I do. Have you ever needed an agenda to keep track of all your extremely important feats, holidays, meetings with people you’d love to kill? Have you ever been forced to have an agenda to keep track of all your undoubtedly important classes and assignments? Have you ever wanted to make that agenda just that little bit more awesome? Then definitely keep on reading, as that is, more or less, what you’ll be getting!

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Creating destruction

If my voice could produce a screech so chilling it would make a human’s ear fold inwards, I’d capture it. If my hands could take a pose so unnatural and vile it would make a human’s eye crumble in defeat, I’d capture it. If I could create moments as a contribution to the human mind, the organ of diversion, I’d capture them.
This is a new direction, a new step on the stairway in my brain. Gone is the mildly tried advocation of recycling, and welcomed is the go at capturing moments. From now on, this virtual collaboration of loneliness and thought will be backed up by the graphical treasures this world has to offer: photographs. As I set my very first steps, gently and as least repulsive as I can, I will show you the results of my search for the inconvenient, the unexisting (I am aware that this may not be a fully accepted English word, but I like it too much to not write it), the overlooked and the unthought  of moments and images in this vividly living world.

As a very first try at capturing an image that would be worth keeping your eyes on, I took a plant, hung it by the stretchable latex of a rubber band, and saved it.

As if spring was lurking…

This post is random. It serves no purpose. Or, well, it does, for me. If typed in a varying, interesting, and smile-on-face-putting way, it will eventually bring great pleasure. It might not bring me pleasure inmediatly, or maybe not even you, that lonely person sifting through the archives of the night, but if looked at in a greater perspective, it does seem to be quite enjoyable. It doesn’t seem useless, it IS useless, unless you, the creature reading this from the collaboration of millions of pixels, ought it to be useful. If one can take the unbearable lightness of existence off for just even the slightest moment, wouldn’t that be worth it?

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Read. Read it again. Read it once more, if you’d like to. If it is troublesomely early, or breathtakingly late, then, once more, read it. If you’re braincells refuse to cooperate for whatever reason they recently have come up with, read it again. Read it again, and feel, know, understand: there is nothing to understand.
The incomplexity of unheard analyses manifests itself in a way so shamefully understandable that it would be pure boosting of the human ego I give shelter to, to explain it. In the light of that inexplicably awesome revelation, I shall continue…

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First off: life is incredibly wonderful. That is the first and most excitingly important thing I should always remember, even in the times and days I would love to throw myself into an erupting volcano.  While it would be excruciatingly painful to deny that a post like this is in essence a way to show drama like a pregnant teenage girl, it still seems fun and fit to post as I’m experiencing a (temporarily) enjoyable state of mind.

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