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Standing, staring, gazing, gasping, grasping: music was flowing. Music was reigning down upon the people, packed together, breathing, sweating. Lights flashed. Eyes were opened, closed, and quickly adjusted to squinting, just to take full effect of the  vibrant colours spread across the room. Combining every inch of dirth bound floor, every freshly made drop of sweat, every note played from the rows of by cheap labor made speakers, there was ecstasy, pure ecstasy, there were revelations.

Revelations. Revelations after revelations, rendering the previous revelations surpassed, behind, and outdone. And with revelations following each other up, one by one, only those lived the most will stand out to the mind they originated from, only those will be lived by, only those will shape the day. With moist, salty, drop like crystals coming from an eye, shaky, uncontrolled movement from a pink, or even just the motion of quickly standing still, they are born, born to be an interlude to the otherwise forgotten ogle at life.


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