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So the other day, I don’t exactly remember which one, I was just happily living life, when suddenly:

Some dude: “Hey like, umm like, I dunno, like, duhh, uhh, NaNoWriMo?!”
Me: “WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! Some alien with ears on his hands is trying to kill my mother by feeding her biscuits?!”



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For the sake of showing my immense amount of originality *cough* I decided to not name the first post ‘The First Post”. In all seriousness though, welcome! This is the second time I’m having a go at blogging (I think the first one lasted about 43 seconds), and I’m well prepared, I think. I’ll be using this blog to show the world and anyone else interested projects that I’m working on, like creative ways to recycle stuff, little comics, and some philosophical murmuring (is that a word?) to top it all off. Do not worry, I’ll try not to be one of those blogs that aren’t really blogs but more like something in the direction of a diary. I will provide you with helpful instructions to make or do things yourself too!

There was supposed to be a little summary about myself here, but that sort of failed miserably, so I’ll leave it at that. I’m Musilitar, and I have Philosophic Hands…

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