Ah the good old provoking title, always does it’s thing. In case any anarchists – or other forms of life – decided to take a peek around here, do not fear. I will explain my point as I go along.

On this little space in time I will argue with you that our current political and economical climate is most preferable. Ofcourse this is generally speaking, as there will always be tiny tids and bits that will not be loved, but in my mind, and that of probably a few others aswell, our current way of life is quite enjoyable, if you have the mindset for it. More goodie goodie lovejoy – I have no idea why I said that – after the jump.

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Craziness awaits…

So the other day, I don’t exactly remember which one, I was just happily living life, when suddenly:

Some dude: “Hey like, umm like, I dunno, like, duhh, uhh, NaNoWriMo?!”
Me: “WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! Some alien with ears on his hands is trying to kill my mother by feeding her biscuits?!”

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There are certain moments in a person’s life that seem to be determinative, determinative in the sense that they could in fact change one’s personality, as if that one moment, that one event, could change what was first looked upon as a given fact. There are people that believe that certain moments in a person’s life can be determinative, determinative in the sense that they could in fact change what they are at that given time. There are things that are said, and by form or content could be determinative, determinative in the sense that they change that what at that moment is considered the truth, whether that truth is truthfully a truth or not. In the end, even if that truth isn’t thruthfully a truth, if the objects and people present at the time decide that the postulated truth is in fact a truth, then it is, at that giving moment in time, a truth.

Moments in a human’s life exist for the purpose of realizing that they do not have to be determinative, to grasp that life is simply an undetermined and undecided concept, a concept serving only the use of being enjoyed, if it needs a use, that is. Moments in a human’s life are there to become conscious of the fact that nothing is absolute, nothing in fact has a purpose or use, and everything once vanishes into little particles of nothing, and yes I am aware that ofcourse that definition would make this text useless, weren’t it for the fact that I enjoyed it, therefore making it useful to me.

That’s where I’ll end my murmuring over the things I value worth murmuring about.

I murmur
You murmur
But philosophic hands create murmuring…

Painting shoes

Haven’t we all once thought: “Hey, why don’t I do something with this old pair of shoes?”, and after a few minutes of thinking about it just saying: “Nah, too much trouble”? Well, that’s over now! Painting shoes (in my case leather shoes) is actually very easy and fun, and anyone can do it. When I thought of doing this some time ago I was astonished to see how little help I could find on the internet, and after searching for hours and hours, and finding nothing (Isn’t exaggerating fun?), I just went for it.  So to get my blog started and to show that it will be a useful blog, I decided to start off with a little tutorial on painting shoes, I hope you enjoy.

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A reversed goodbye

For the sake of showing my immense amount of originality *cough* I decided to not name the first post ‘The First Post”. In all seriousness though, welcome! This is the second time I’m having a go at blogging (I think the first one lasted about 43 seconds), and I’m well prepared, I think. I’ll be using this blog to show the world and anyone else interested projects that I’m working on, like creative ways to recycle stuff, little comics, and some philosophical murmuring (is that a word?) to top it all off. Do not worry, I’ll try not to be one of those blogs that aren’t really blogs but more like something in the direction of a diary. I will provide you with helpful instructions to make or do things yourself too!

There was supposed to be a little summary about myself here, but that sort of failed miserably, so I’ll leave it at that. I’m Musilitar, and I have Philosophic Hands…