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If my voice could produce a screech so chilling it would make a human’s ear fold inwards, I’d capture it. If my hands could take a pose so unnatural and vile it would make a human’s eye crumble in defeat, I’d capture it. If I could create moments as a contribution to the human mind, the organ of diversion, I’d capture them.
This is a new direction, a new step on the stairway in my brain. Gone is the mildly tried advocation of recycling, and welcomed is the go at capturing moments. From now on, this virtual collaboration of loneliness and thought will be backed up by the graphical treasures this world has to offer: photographs. As I set my very first steps, gently and as least repulsive as I can, I will show you the results of my search for the inconvenient, the unexisting (I am aware that this may not be a fully accepted English word, but I like it too much to not write it), the overlooked and the unthought  of moments and images in this vividly living world.

As a very first try at capturing an image that would be worth keeping your eyes on, I took a plant, hung it by the stretchable latex of a rubber band, and saved it.

As if spring was lurking…


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