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This post is random. It serves no purpose. Or, well, it does, for me. If typed in a varying, interesting, and smile-on-face-putting way, it will eventually bring great pleasure. It might not bring me pleasure inmediatly, or maybe not even you, that lonely person sifting through the archives of the night, but if looked at in a greater perspective, it does seem to be quite enjoyable. It doesn’t seem useless, it IS useless, unless you, the creature reading this from the collaboration of millions of pixels, ought it to be useful. If one can take the unbearable lightness of existence off for just even the slightest moment, wouldn’t that be worth it?



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There are certain moments in a person’s life that seem to be determinative, determinative in the sense that they could in fact change one’s personality, as if that one moment, that one event, could change what was first looked upon as a given fact. There are people that believe that certain moments in a person’s life can be determinative, determinative in the sense that they could in fact change what they are at that given time. There are things that are said, and by form or content could be determinative, determinative in the sense that they change that what at that moment is considered the truth, whether that truth is truthfully a truth or not. In the end, even if that truth isn’t thruthfully a truth, if the objects and people present at the time decide that the postulated truth is in fact a truth, then it is, at that giving moment in time, a truth.

Moments in a human’s life exist for the purpose of realizing that they do not have to be determinative, to grasp that life is simply an undetermined and undecided concept, a concept serving only the use of being enjoyed, if it needs a use, that is. Moments in a human’s life are there to become conscious of the fact that nothing is absolute, nothing in fact has a purpose or use, and everything once vanishes into little particles of nothing, and yes I am aware that ofcourse that definition would make this text useless, weren’t it for the fact that I enjoyed it, therefore making it useful to me.

That’s where I’ll end my murmuring over the things I value worth murmuring about.

I murmur
You murmur
But philosophic hands create murmuring…

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